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Working Together

Posted May 1, 2012 by Brett Snyder
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How to get your job started?

First, you will need to convey what you need. Giving me as much information upfront will help align my research and produce designs closer to what you expect. My goal is always to exceed your expectations but without your input I may travel in the wrong direction.

Next, I will research your product and services, then your competition. How to make you stand out is the goal. I will make a simple outline of my proposed direction and send you a quote. We can go back and forth until we are in sync.

Following the approved outline direction, next is to visualize features and functionality working together in a fitting design. I will mockup some design images and send them over for your approval. We can tweak these as needed. It is very important to spend the time needed here before production to save you time and money.

Once the designs are approved, we are ready to develop your product. The amount of features usually dictates production time. Once the project is ready for review, the changes should be minimal at this point…minor tweaks.

Direct Results

The great thing about working directly with the designer, is no middleman. If you have future revisions, you know where to find me. For online work, I can maintain or even host your site. The most important stage in developing your job starts from the very beginning. The more info from the start, gets me on track sooner. The more feedback on the outline review, keeps me on track. Nailing down the features and design from the mockups will make development go much smoother. The design process also develops while researching usage and prioritizing the messages. A rush directly to development usually is counterproductive in the long run.