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Virtual Conference

Posted March 30, 2011 by Brett Snyder
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Pearson also contacted me about a broken virtual conference site. Essentially, this site posted conference info along with a forum and resource links. After the conference, all the seminar recordings are then posted for reference.

They had originally built this site from scratch many months ago, but over time various developers had made things so convoluted that the in-house development team did not even want to mess with it. They saw that I previously fixed another Pearson specialty site and was desperate to meet their fast approaching deadline of just 2 weeks away.

Rebuilding the full site from scratch in that time frame would have not been possible, however, in just 3 days I was able to present a fully functioning virtual conference cms site to the point we could start adding content. The design was fairly straight forward as I was able to reuse many images they had already. The new virtual conference site also had a more consistent look than before…with many new features. And since this cms site was user editable, their staff was able to update content as each conference was going on.

After the conference, they seemed pleased and asked me to create 4 more of these cms sites.