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Silk’n Smooth

Posted March 1, 2014 by Brett Snyder
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Silk’n started out for me as a simple landing page design job. The design direction was to be clean and beachy…plus a tight deadline. I was able to show them something the next day and luckily they loved it. From the initial design to approved art was a matter of getting text delivered and picking out the page images…I presented many hero images to choose from and they provided the secondary product shots. Each hero shot needed extensive Photoshop work.

Soon after the landing page design was approved, the job was expanded to several products and secondary pages. I went with a customized silky smooth header image and neutral slate blue for the universal accent color.

I provided approved layered art to the development team along with a styled landing page prototype for css reference. See it HERE (Tried Adobe Reflow so use Chrome – better to manually create).

After the site launch, I did some marketing email and banner designs. Each banner campaign had 10-12 different format sizes, some with animated gifs.