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Posted May 1, 2013 by Brett Snyder
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Top Web Works is my online portfolio. I can produce intuitive content management sites (cms), SEO and internet marketing solutions, eye-catching graphics and marketing collateral. In other words, I can develop your company brand, message and product…guiding your prospects along the sales continuum until they become your customers.

Don’t believe that old myth that your web site doesn’t bring in much business. The fact is that your web site is online 24/7/365 and is usually the first contact a client has with you. Where do clients go on evenings and weekends when you are closed? They either search for your business or product via a search engine and will end up that’s right, on your web site.

Today’s web sites are no longer a one-time build. Successful web sites and web campaigns require ongoing support, updates, case studies, blogs, feeds, refreshed looks, product launches & updates, forums, events, company news and much more. I offer support and maintenance at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time employee. Or better yet, once you learn how to run a cms site, you can maintain it in-house. If you need a domain name or low-cost hosting, I can do that for you as well.

Whether offline or online, let me try to win your business.

What is CMS?

Content management sites (cms) allows admin users to log in and make changes and updates to their web site through an easy to use interface system, similar to editing a WORD doc. Text changes can be made in seconds. For anyone who has struggled to maintain a traditional static HTML web site, using a CMS is a welcome change from paying a web developer to manually update all the pages on your site or every time you make even the smallest a design change.