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Reebok HealthRider

Posted April 16, 2000 by Brett Snyder
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I had the opportunity to work with Reebok and HealthRider brands while being at Studeo. They handled the accompanying broadcast media while I worked with wonderful in-house copywriters to create the direct mail marketing pieces shown.

This was the first time we had seen the elliptical come through the shop, so it got separate marketing to highlight the new features. Each direct mail pack usually corresponded with broadcast…Studeo would use my mockup for the TV spot before going to print.

Most photos were shot locally, except for the nutrition brochure since it had a very tight deadline. Fonts generally used were Helvetica Ext stacked headlines and Sabon body copy. Heavy Photoshop work on covers and when silhouetting with added shadows.

Each piece was part of a direct mail package, with a Studeo crafted limited time offer sales letter and printed envelop.