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Posted October 2, 2015 by Brett Snyder
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Pearson Online Learning Services specializes in higher learning online turn-key solutions and tailored services.

I was hired on as a web developer for their assets web team. Essentially we updated existing WordPress sites. Most edits were made on custom PHP templates and CSS/jQuery in a SVN environment…sometimes with SASS. The landing pages included lead gen forms so we had to edit or create xml or ini forms. Alongside most work were image manipulations using PhotoShop. (page sample | css | jquery)

I was one of the first developers to start coding the emails using the fluid responsive approach. Fluid first email programming allows accessibility for most desktop and mobile devices. Add in the media queries for responsive emails with fluid and you capture extra layout possibilities for Apple devices. (email sample 1 | sample 2)

My duties also included editing videos or webinars in Premier Pro.