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Posted January 3, 1993 by Brett Snyder
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Soon after college, NuSkin International hired me to work in their newly formed art department. Back then, it was just 3 designers trying to develop an image that would carry them to the half billion dollar company they are today. We pretty much did everything from forms to packaging to marketing materials…and in several languages. They even sent me overseas on some press checks…good times.

I had the opportunity to work with local photo studios and color houses as art director after my designs were approved. Back when Quark was finally beating out the clunky PageMaker, and Freehand was a strong alternative to Illustrator.

Shown are a few sample newsletters I did for them. All photographed locally…even had Marie Osmond sign one copy. What I remember most about NuSkin were the great people that worked there…an overall feeling of family, success and excitement of what’s next. They cared not only about their products, but their people too.