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Posted February 5, 2013 by Brett Snyder
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Internet marketing uses many areas…seo, advertising, article marketing, back linking, list building with landing pages, just to name a few. Herbal natural remedies is a sample landing page that sends a free health report when the visitor enters their name and email. They will also be in line to get the new Herbal Remedies book when it is finished.

I created this 10 page Health Report, and helped craft the sales letter and video. The overall design was a basic squeeze form & video at the top with a sales letter at the bottom. I am not a big fan of the never ending sales letter, so it’s main function is to just inform and lead back to the top form. In order to get seen by the search engines but not derail focus from the form, I created multiple keyword targeted articles linked to the footer. The page currently has the aweber link disabled during production.

To push out the page, I will create an Adwords campaign, watch the conversions and tweak accordingly – this is key. Next is an ongoing organic link building process using my targeted keyword phrases on high ranking sites. Also, building keyword rich articles onsite that are also rewritten and published to the major e-zines.