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Ken Garff

Posted June 1, 2007 by Brett Snyder
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Ken Garff Automotive is one of the largest auto dealers in Utah. I was able to work on various projects from small cms websites & banners to ads and other marketing projects. A past creative director, Steve King, was over there so it was easy to step in where needed. This was a work from home position with communication through video conferencing and drop box file exchange. Simple.

The car wrap concept was bold off-white racing lines angled to show movementā€¦and the implied Jaguar logo. I did some other fleet wraps but this was my favoriteā€¦ sports cars.

The military brochure was a low budget vector based piece that emphasized the flag. I think around this time I had switched over from Quark to InDesign for layout as it seemed they overtook the features race.

The Fine Art double page ad was a quick spread for a local arts festival magazine with a tight deadline. I used cars I found online that matched the requested car brands and added my headline & background.

The black and white ad was for newspaper with a free giveaway. I came up with a simple headline and found images online.