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Iomega – 3Com

Posted March 1, 1996 by Brett Snyder
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Iomega Zip was THE floppy a decade ago. I was able to work on a few of their projects through my time at Studeo. Iomega already had a brand style so matching their bold clean look was easy. Shown here are one of a few Iomega brochures and direct mail. Also, I did quite a few Iomega email campaigns…html & text.

The model photography was shot locally based on the design mockups. The product images were already provided by Iomega corporate, I would just Photoshop in the effects and shadows to match my design. Overall a very clean look, with shades of bold color and their approved Iomega vector graphics.

I also did some work for 3Com. Interesting, while I was in a client meeting with them, I was able to see the yet unveiled Palm Pilot. They said it would be big…they were right…until the smart phones took over. Did some brochures and direct mail as well.