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Posted May 1, 2014 by Brett Snyder
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Internet Marketing encompasses many facets from landing pages, lead generation, ads, seo, article marketing, ppc campaigns, just to name a few. Getting the word out online…and finding those golden conversions. It really helps to have a great product/service and a killer offer to make conversions a no-brainer…but along with that is digestible design.

With the TA-65 landing page above, my intent was to instill credibility by using a testimonial and an image of experience…alongside the product and footer icons. Then drop down to a simple list of what it is and benefits. And whenever possible include a video to capture the viewers interest longer. The Ionic Brush and CarMD land pages follow a similar formula.

Asensia is a simple landing page with a focused slider navigation. Each slide with a story intro and impactful image. And since the benefits are discussed in the slider the rest can be kept very simple.

The CallMD and Liberation lead generation pages, both tried to keep the form “above the fold”. The client wanted extra capture info for CallMD, usually I prefer the shorter forms and a killer free offer. Here is a static CallMD prototype I did. Click HERE.