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Posted January 1, 1999 by Brett Snyder
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I received my associates degree in Fine Arts before switching to Graphic Design at BYU. I loved drawing when I was younger, but over time my interests switched to creating on the computer. Consequently, I have a mixed back ground of traditional art and the understanding of 3d rendering.

Shown is a sketch of Christ I did when I was 17 based on the movie Jesus of Nazareth and the shroud of Turin. I ended up selling copies of this drawing to help fund my mission to Hong Kong and college. I mainly sold through Deseret Book distribution.

The other 3D samples show product renderings for client marketing, before the items where produced. I had used Strata 3D and later 3DMax.

Visit my logo samples page to view art done in Adobe Illustrator and Fireworks. Vector based illustrations are great for branding and graphs.

Whether creating with pencil or pixels, it is all fun to me.