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Franklin Quest

Posted February 3, 1997 by Brett Snyder
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Franklin is known for their day planners. Beautiful tools to help organize your life. While there, I helped design many marketing items, from hefty catalogs to innumerable forms, to software packaging and brochures, etc. I not only spent time with concept, layout and Photoshop, but also with the photographers… helping with product set design and choosing models. Plus working with the copy writers to develop the final piece.

We worked with many departments from retail to network marketing channels. It was interesting to watch the products evolve from primarily paper to later embrace more digital solutions. The challenge with an informational company such as Franklin, was to personalize and stylize what could have been a boring product. At the same time, whittle down so much content in an easy to navigate marketing piece such as a catalog.

Even though Franklin’s name changed a few times over the years, my time with Franklin was a great experience…with many fantastic coworkers.