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Posted April 1, 2011 by Brett Snyder
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This site was developed as an Educators community and resource for Pearson. I created the logo to reflect a heavenly cluster along with a futuristic logotype. The original color scheme used a dark header & background to infuse space without being too literal. Three more themes styles were added later.

We opened articles to guests (and the search engines), but to access main site features readers would need to register. After they login, the available user main nav categories are Learn, Discuss, Share, Connect and Tools…with Home leading to user options.

Learn: Focused on new articles that are updated daily with the latest news education feeds, and custom staff featured articles. Content is king. Also, a link for posting upcoming events, seminars, etc. with a sidebar of event tweets. Lastly, a podcast section to listen to recorded audio files.

Discuss: Multiple group categories. Each group can discuss related topics and post media. There is a Feedback section where users can post category feedback polls with a bubble-up vote listing. And to add more discussion options, we added forums.

Share: Share opinions allows the user to submit articles, photos and videos for review.

Connect: Gives users access to their friends list. Friends can post to their profile page, send messages and be given more access to approved profile areas. They also can join either community chat rooms for large groups, or peer chat via the bottom chat bar. The chat bar also allows mini-chatrooms, peer games, whiteboards as well as page language translations…plus more features.

Tools: Shows multiple category articles. A download repository to access or post files. There is a resource web link directory. And finally, a full project manager for any user to create teams and track their project progress.