AOP Spring Proposal

Posted September 1, 2016 by Brett Snyder
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I created a Spring Sale Ad and Landing page proposal for Alpha and Omega Publications. They are a leading Christian homeschooling curriculum publisher. The design criteria was fairly open, and they provided body copy, some branding colors and fonts. Usually, I would follow a corporate brand closer to their current campaign or site look…but I think they were looking for some creative licence.

To start, I reviewed their beautifully designed packaging and noticed a partial frame border and nice use of bold solid color panels. Looking at their website, they utilize flat color panels with ghosted images behind them. For a direct marketing approach, I would place the product and offer large next to hero image above the fold. But maybe homeschooling parents may not appreciate that loud of a sales pitch.

I found a image that expressed fun while learning showing a laughing child holding a book. Going for a human emotion felt better than the obvious grass, flowers and blue sky approach. The second hero image  that jumped out at me reflected the ideals of learning with a Christian overtone by reaching upward. The short headlines I used tied in each image concept; and each Ad layout displayed how the design elements could shift. Both Ads had large flat color elements for the main text area…plus a smaller color bar to add branding continuity. The hero images were cropped in tight that allowed a slight ghost behind the flat color areas also for brand continuity. Instead of screaming AOP Spring Sale, I subdued the headlines and popped the price discount instead.

A Landing Page should follow the print ad campaign, so I chose the Ad layout that was better suited for responsive design. I selected a Google web font that closely matched the geometric shapes of the provided print font…and added a large CTA button. Everything was coded in HTML and CSS, no need for JQuery. I was given a week deadline, but was able to deliver the next day. See ( HTML | CSS )