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Posted April 14, 2017 by Brett Snyder
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AOP keeps me hopping from all sides – print, web, email and conventions. They are leaders in Christian based education and market through several channels. I have included just a few samples of work I have done…the html emails shown are only a fraction of what I have churned out already.

My email designs are intentionally simple one column fluid layouts that work any device…and greatly speeds up production over fluid responsive. Who wants a busy multi-column html email anyways – save it for desktop browsers. I coded a 500px wide (requested size) fluid html template that our team uses for all html emails, with testing via Putsmail. Fluid is minimal breakpoints for an elastic view-port that is more compatible with all mobile devices. Images are photoshop-ed stock and we create 3D rendered products.

I also work on various print from convention signage, brochures, one-sheets, ads, catalogs, etc. Shown are samples of some re-branding pieces for their online academy, magazine ads, and part of a Monarch curriculum brochure.

AOP wanted a new look for their existing online Academy based around a new logo they had developed. The logo was distinctly linear with an angled pattern. So I introduced linear header elements alongside brand colors. At first, they gave no direction, so I created a rapid Bootstrap prototype to show a clean panel approach. And later, created a WordPress prototype using my new branding to test look and feel. Following a couple kick-off meetings, I offered an editable PDF main nav flow chart using Visio and Acrobat.

Instead of building from scratch, they decided to save time and stay with their existing old WordPress site content sitting on a bare-bones Genesis framework. Directions given were a cleaner UI/UX and re-brand based around 6 new main landing pages. After site flow, I went to wire-framing each main page with a tight stacked block layout, and showed a sample look in the Header and Footer. After UX user stories and process discussions, I went ahead with design comps. Next, was hand coding the front-end html and styles, updating the entire old site, and leveraging new plugins to meet feature expectations. See AOA Academy for the finished hand-coded fluid responsive top-level pages.

I also do banners and some social media designs, shown above is a sample Christmas 12-Day campaign.

For version control, I use Git/SourceTree with some SFTP via the Pantheon hosting environment. At home, I am liking GitLab/SourceTree with my WHM/CPanel server.