Cable One Concept

Posted September 2, 2016 by Brett Snyder
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Here is a quick homepage idea for Cable One I did in about a day. Basically taking their original website content and blocking it out…simplifying without creating a long scroll. Immediately seeing the 3 main services in the main sticky menu…TV, Internet and Cable; each with corresponding ads…plus a smart search.  Topping it off with a hard working persistent top bar for account access, cart, local, language, deals, etc…all cookie aware.

Next is a full-width hero slider of main offers and or videos. Big, but not too big. Media should be a live video preview or striking image…each with a killer offer on the right.

Following the hero slider, there are main features and benefits…a standard direct marketing approach. Adding value to the 3 main services.

The next block is a relatable human connection with customer testimonial videos. How can the consumer relate and feel like their life will be changed for the better without being taken to the cleaners. Videos help with viewer longevity.

Below the testimonials, are no risk blurbs. At this point it should be a no-brainer to sign up without feeling trapped or taken. I would suggest credibility icons here as well to instill more confidence.

Then on most pages there should be a standout call-to-action sitting on a hard-working footer. The footer contains resource links, large social icons and a simple email subscription to the latest tips…based off a accruing blog for fresh seo content backing up helpful expertise…and ending with offers.  And don’t forget the important customer feedback tab…maybe even use Hotjar services to simplify tracking services.

Not too overwhelming, but with nice UI animations and killer limited time offers…it should convert. Add in responsive design styling. No user research or stakeholder input was spent on this, just a quick idea after seeing their current site.

Click here to see the proposal…minimal menu interaction.